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Something New!

2013-11-10 12:02:13 by Harukawa

Been a while since I did anything around here. Time to change that!

Hopefully I'm going to get started on the 2013 Newgrounds Christmas Art Worm to get myself back into the art community (which I haven't really been a part of since 2007), then I will stick around to get a few projects out. Need to get out of this artistic slump I have been in. I might even try to get into a few of the other collabs going around here.

I also have a plan to start a NG based comic (or something like that), but I will wait on the details of that since what I am planning may not actually work.

We will see.

~Love, Harukawa

Delays, and Distractions.

2011-03-27 22:13:35 by Harukawa

My last post is kind of side tracked now. I got involved with The Freaking Huge House Adventure 2, so that is where most of my NG art is directed at at the moment.

Feel free to read up on the story :)

Still working on planning and layout of Crystallus though. Still very very busy.


I am starting a project now for the Newgrounds Art Forum. I will be doing a series of fully realized colored (gasp!) drawings depicting different 'virtues' of the human spirit, like Strength, Courage, Wisdom...etc etc.

I am doing this mainly to challenge myself and push myself even further. I have always liked drawing when I give myself a handicap, and I feel that translating only an idea into a detailed picture is a new challenge for me. I think it is going to be a great experience. As always, these will probably be done entirely by hand, with no computer at all, aside from scanning.

On another note, my manga series 'Fune Genso' has finally concluded after almost 4 years of work. It is not easy doing a manga with only ONE person working on it. I have no idea how the 1-person greats (like Mark Crilley) manage to do it and make it look so easy.

I miss Fune Genso, as it was a great experience for me, but I am also happy to move on to bigger and better things.

And bigger and better things came fast! I have given my next idea to my publishers and it has been given the green light! This idea will be a little more... understandable, I guess haha. Though 'Fune' was generally well received, the biggest criticism I have gotten was that the story was really heavy, and made people think a little too much. I did not think it was a problem, but I guess some people found it a bit dialogue heavy. I guess stories like that are best saved for animated cartoons on television and kept out of books.

So! Work now begins for my new project: Project Crystallius (working title, likely to change.)

Harukawa is back!

2011-01-10 01:20:28 by Harukawa

After a long, and very busy few years trying to get my life all back in order, I am finally back to Newgrounds! So excited.

Dealt with addictions, studying, learning, career changes, DJing, manga drawing, injuries, love, lost love, etc etc etc... And emerged alive! Super strong! *flex*.

I also learned English much more, so I can communicate better with everybody!

Can not wait to start stalking the Art Forum again. So Excited.

~Harukawa <3

Life is Hard

2008-02-03 02:14:02 by Harukawa

Many things happen to me recently that are not good. I am very busy with many things like school, work, drawings that I need to do, injuries, appointments, and so many other things that use all my time.

My wrist feel much better now, so my drawing will get better again. But, I have very little time to do anything now. I am not even sleeping more than 2-3 hours because life is too demanding of me now. I will try to put drawings on the NG forum because I like that place hehe, but some will be older ones that are already finish. I don't have time to draw new ones now >.<. Maybe I can get Sylo to post some hehe.

I am so close to being finish with "Fune Genso hon Ni", so that is a good thing!


2007 Art Forum Awards!

2008-01-02 08:51:32 by Harukawa

I got nominatied for Best Newcomer! I am happy about that! I have only been here for about 2 months, and I get noticed already? Newgrounds is great haha.
I was looking over the votes and I see that Chrisseh-chan vote for me! That is amazing! She is my favorite artist on NG, and she vote for me ^_^. I also thank everyone else who vote for me, you all are great!
I do not think I will win, there are many great artists here, but that does not matter. I am just happy that people like my drawing, and that my favorite artist vote for me. That is all I need.
Good luck to everyone who was nominated. Bragging rights are great!

Anyway, yes, my wrist is still broken and in a cast, so my drawings will continue to come very slowly for a while, but I am still trying.

Again, for everyone in the art forum, I thank you all. It is (mostly) a great community! You make me feel at home, even though my english is horrible. haha ^_^V


(Translated by Silo...although not to the extent of most of the others... Harukawa wanted to try to make this more personal.)

Broken Wrist...!

2007-12-27 01:46:12 by Harukawa

It would seem that karma hates me. After my first terrible accident (no details here...) I get into another right after I recover and break my wrist.
I will still try to draw, but quality will be effected a lot I think. Maybe I can try using my other hand? Not likley.
Needless to say, this event saddens me. I can no longer work on my Manga (Fune Genso hon Ni) until I recover from this, which may take weeks. I would also like to keep contributing to the NG art forum, but I do not want to submit bad drawings, so I do not know what to do. Sad times.


(Translated, as always, by Silo... Hoping for a speedy recovery)

For those of you that don't know about 'Fune Genso', Harukawa's own Manga, please refer to her previous post, there's some info about it there.


Fune Genso hon ichi! (Elemenal Vessels! vol.1)!

2007-12-06 01:29:43 by Harukawa

(Translated by Silo... You wouldn't want to read this all in japanese, would you? didn't think so...)

UPDATE (12/17/07): Harukawa and myself just brainstormed a (maybe) great idea! Not now, but when we get any unsold copies or over ordered copies of "Fune Genso hon Ichi", We will sell them straight from a website (which we haven't made yet) straight to the Newgrounds audience! So far, however, we don't have any spare copies, or a site, but I'll get working on that soon. That way, we can get this to any non-Japan person who would like to see it, and not have to wait on publishers to decide when we can expand (loopholes, baby!). I'll keep this post updated with the latest info, so check back if you're interested.

P.S.: Everytime I say 'We' in this article, I'm not referring to the actual art or story of the book, that's all Haurkawa, and she deserves the credit... I'm just doing the English footwork.


"I have finally finished vol. 1 of my manga called Elemental Vessels (or just Vessels... saying the same thing)! It is the opening chapter that introduces the main characters, as well as a good portion of the initial story. I would get into the story details here, but it is very complicated to explain... if you must know it, PM either myself or Silo (silo2000) and we will be happy to tell you story details.

Anyway, It also got published, and is on sale to the general public (sad to say, it is not popular yet, so you can not buy it online or anything yet... but it is my first one, so i hope it grows.) It is also not available anywhere outside Japan yet (need more prestige haha).

I write this because I am very excited to see my work get noticed by other people, and a publishing company! Maybe if it does well, I will translate it to English and sell it elsewhere!

So excited! hehe"