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New Challenges, and another manga.

2011-01-29 22:25:59 by Harukawa

I am starting a project now for the Newgrounds Art Forum. I will be doing a series of fully realized colored (gasp!) drawings depicting different 'virtues' of the human spirit, like Strength, Courage, Wisdom...etc etc.

I am doing this mainly to challenge myself and push myself even further. I have always liked drawing when I give myself a handicap, and I feel that translating only an idea into a detailed picture is a new challenge for me. I think it is going to be a great experience. As always, these will probably be done entirely by hand, with no computer at all, aside from scanning.

On another note, my manga series 'Fune Genso' has finally concluded after almost 4 years of work. It is not easy doing a manga with only ONE person working on it. I have no idea how the 1-person greats (like Mark Crilley) manage to do it and make it look so easy.

I miss Fune Genso, as it was a great experience for me, but I am also happy to move on to bigger and better things.

And bigger and better things came fast! I have given my next idea to my publishers and it has been given the green light! This idea will be a little more... understandable, I guess haha. Though 'Fune' was generally well received, the biggest criticism I have gotten was that the story was really heavy, and made people think a little too much. I did not think it was a problem, but I guess some people found it a bit dialogue heavy. I guess stories like that are best saved for animated cartoons on television and kept out of books.

So! Work now begins for my new project: Project Crystallius (working title, likely to change.)


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2011-03-13 17:21:31

Where can we see this comic? The Fune Genso one.

Harukawa responds:

It had a limited release, so you are not likely to find it anywhere outside of Japan - or even in all places in Japan. It also is not translated, so if you only speak English, you will not be able to read it.

I am not sure if somebody has pirated it, or exactly where it is available (I have seen it at the manga store I go to, but that is probably because they know me in there). I will see about getting some of it posted around here though... it is kind of my current crowning achievement.