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2007 Art Forum Awards!

2008-01-02 08:51:32 by Harukawa

I got nominatied for Best Newcomer! I am happy about that! I have only been here for about 2 months, and I get noticed already? Newgrounds is great haha.
I was looking over the votes and I see that Chrisseh-chan vote for me! That is amazing! She is my favorite artist on NG, and she vote for me ^_^. I also thank everyone else who vote for me, you all are great!
I do not think I will win, there are many great artists here, but that does not matter. I am just happy that people like my drawing, and that my favorite artist vote for me. That is all I need.
Good luck to everyone who was nominated. Bragging rights are great!

Anyway, yes, my wrist is still broken and in a cast, so my drawings will continue to come very slowly for a while, but I am still trying.

Again, for everyone in the art forum, I thank you all. It is (mostly) a great community! You make me feel at home, even though my english is horrible. haha ^_^V


(Translated by Silo...although not to the extent of most of the others... Harukawa wanted to try to make this more personal.)


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