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Life is Hard

2008-02-03 02:14:02 by Harukawa

Many things happen to me recently that are not good. I am very busy with many things like school, work, drawings that I need to do, injuries, appointments, and so many other things that use all my time.

My wrist feel much better now, so my drawing will get better again. But, I have very little time to do anything now. I am not even sleeping more than 2-3 hours because life is too demanding of me now. I will try to put drawings on the NG forum because I like that place hehe, but some will be older ones that are already finish. I don't have time to draw new ones now >.<. Maybe I can get Sylo to post some hehe.

I am so close to being finish with "Fune Genso hon Ni", so that is a good thing!



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2008-02-03 03:40:16

ohaio (hope thats correct ^-^'''')

greetings to japan from austria :3

life is hard... thats quite an depressive little sentence, but sometimes true.
2-3hours sleep isn't much. that less sleep is like an permanent injury to the mind. i've heard, to be a student in japan must be extremely hard. i don't want to say youre depressive, actually i dont know how you feel like. maybe youre happy maybe not. just try to keep yourself healthy and happy, that's important!

however... i know what it feels like to be depressive. i help myself out of depression with making music. music i'm afraid to share with the internetz because i think it isn't good enough to show to others.

i have to stop here, because otherways i will start talking crap...

see ya!

Harukawa responds:

It is a little depressive hehe, but I am not too depress. Just very tired and very busy >.<.
If you make music you should share, no? You do not have to worry if it is not good enough because it is for the listener to decide. Not everyone will like always, but not everyone will hate, so sharing it is not a problem I think. ^.^

Thank you for reading and commenting, I appreciate ^.^


2008-02-04 19:46:14

oban desu (me is trying to learn japanese ^^)

i am actually thinking about sharing it, but in the case it is good i do really not want anyone downloading it for free and then saying to his friends "hey guys, thats mine!"

i will soon get an own homepage (you will be informed if you wish) there will be a little mp3 player where visitors will be able to listen to several tracks from me and if they wish i will send them per email, maybe for a little paymend (would be hell great to get paid for doing something really entertaining) maybe for free, depends on the customer.

and maybe sooner or later i will create songs for special customers with special wishes but therefore i must get a good feedback on my existing songs.

my cousin (IT student and creator of music videos) wants to make a music vid for each of my songs...

but... must know i lack of confidence a lot... ya past wasn't easy but who cares about? me not anymore... however i am extremely shy, sharing my songs.

Harukawa responds:

Don't be shy to share songs, it is no different than to share drawing, and do that always hehe. I too also write songs, but I do not ever put music to them, so for now, they are just words on paper, but I know how I want them to sound ^.^
I would be happy if you could show me some songs you write, and maybe I will like them ^.^


2008-02-04 19:48:12

ps: you also might be able to reach me there
msn: deadly_wounded@hotmail.dom

Harukawa responds:

I am on msn too. My address is
you can add if you like to ^.^


2008-02-07 13:30:29

those are more electronic like with no lyrics... 1 Jazz song and 1 Chillout... i'm still experimenting with syntesizers ^^ it's most fun! i really don't think i will ever sing any song personally... girlfriend says i am a pretty good singer but i am (as you said) too shy.

if we met on msn you can get some songs from me ^^ but that will be some kind of difflicult because of time difference.

at this moment it is 19:26 (Middle European Time. GMT+1) in austria and 3:28 in japan (JST, GMT+9) so we will barely meet each other on msn.