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Broken Wrist...!

2007-12-27 01:46:12 by Harukawa

It would seem that karma hates me. After my first terrible accident (no details here...) I get into another right after I recover and break my wrist.
I will still try to draw, but quality will be effected a lot I think. Maybe I can try using my other hand? Not likley.
Needless to say, this event saddens me. I can no longer work on my Manga (Fune Genso hon Ni) until I recover from this, which may take weeks. I would also like to keep contributing to the NG art forum, but I do not want to submit bad drawings, so I do not know what to do. Sad times.


(Translated, as always, by Silo... Hoping for a speedy recovery)

For those of you that don't know about 'Fune Genso', Harukawa's own Manga, please refer to her previous post, there's some info about it there.



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