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Delays, and Distractions.

2011-03-27 22:13:35 by Harukawa

My last post is kind of side tracked now. I got involved with The Freaking Huge House Adventure 2, so that is where most of my NG art is directed at at the moment.

Feel free to read up on the story :)

Still working on planning and layout of Crystallus though. Still very very busy.



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2011-07-24 14:06:45

Waitress..hahaha. Get your ass in and post already.

Harukawa responds:

Not anymore. That was accurate when I wrote it back in 2007 though.

I am working on a big drawing right now but I don't have as much time as I had before to finish it. Patience, my son.


2011-12-24 15:19:09, Add me, my other one got hacked.

Harukawa responds: