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Entry #8

Something New!

2013-11-10 12:02:13 by Harukawa

Been a while since I did anything around here. Time to change that!

Hopefully I'm going to get started on the 2013 Newgrounds Christmas Art Worm to get myself back into the art community (which I haven't really been a part of since 2007), then I will stick around to get a few projects out. Need to get out of this artistic slump I have been in. I might even try to get into a few of the other collabs going around here.

I also have a plan to start a NG based comic (or something like that), but I will wait on the details of that since what I am planning may not actually work.

We will see.

~Love, Harukawa


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2013-11-10 12:53:10

What took you so long?!

P.S:Welcome back :D