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Fune Genso hon ichi! (Elemenal Vessels! vol.1)!

2007-12-06 01:29:43 by Harukawa

(Translated by Silo... You wouldn't want to read this all in japanese, would you? didn't think so...)

UPDATE (12/17/07): Harukawa and myself just brainstormed a (maybe) great idea! Not now, but when we get any unsold copies or over ordered copies of "Fune Genso hon Ichi", We will sell them straight from a website (which we haven't made yet) straight to the Newgrounds audience! So far, however, we don't have any spare copies, or a site, but I'll get working on that soon. That way, we can get this to any non-Japan person who would like to see it, and not have to wait on publishers to decide when we can expand (loopholes, baby!). I'll keep this post updated with the latest info, so check back if you're interested.

P.S.: Everytime I say 'We' in this article, I'm not referring to the actual art or story of the book, that's all Haurkawa, and she deserves the credit... I'm just doing the English footwork.


"I have finally finished vol. 1 of my manga called Elemental Vessels (or just Vessels... saying the same thing)! It is the opening chapter that introduces the main characters, as well as a good portion of the initial story. I would get into the story details here, but it is very complicated to explain... if you must know it, PM either myself or Silo (silo2000) and we will be happy to tell you story details.

Anyway, It also got published, and is on sale to the general public (sad to say, it is not popular yet, so you can not buy it online or anything yet... but it is my first one, so i hope it grows.) It is also not available anywhere outside Japan yet (need more prestige haha).

I write this because I am very excited to see my work get noticed by other people, and a publishing company! Maybe if it does well, I will translate it to English and sell it elsewhere!

So excited! hehe"




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2007-12-08 12:16:38

Cool! Too bad it's not available in the U.S.

Harukawa responds:

Not yet hehe. If it does well enough here, they may make it available in the U.S. I hope it does ^_^

Will need to be translated, however >.<


2007-12-13 14:54:39

too bad Turkey is not in list of manga distributors. I can find imported US manga only in special comic stores and buy it for high prices. Well, I hope I ll find yer here too.

Harukawa responds:

Import US will not help haha, it is not there yet ^_^.
Maybe when I have some extra, I will sell them from my own website so everyone can see.
Now to make a website... >.<



2007-12-20 04:02:46

Nice, you have a manga. I always wanted to make on for market, but I lacked the proper items and general knowledge of digital editing.
I'll get there and recreate a personal manga I made.
Great luck, I am a fan of others work and I would love to see yours, can you post one of your picutres?

Harukawa responds:

Very Nice! I hope you do well with your manga ^_^.
I will post a page, or a picture from mine soon.. I don't have lots of time now.
I would like to see some more of your drawing too.



2007-12-22 03:26:31

Awesome. I'm also doing a comic book, which I'm self publishing. Maybe we can do a book exchange? (from the US)

Harukawa responds:

That sound like a good idea haha.
My manga is not in english, however.