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Harukawa is back!

2011-01-10 01:20:28 by Harukawa

After a long, and very busy few years trying to get my life all back in order, I am finally back to Newgrounds! So excited.

Dealt with addictions, studying, learning, career changes, DJing, manga drawing, injuries, love, lost love, etc etc etc... And emerged alive! Super strong! *flex*.

I also learned English much more, so I can communicate better with everybody!

Can not wait to start stalking the Art Forum again. So Excited.

~Harukawa <3


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2011-01-10 01:46:19

Well. welcome back.


2011-01-12 09:54:43

I find that Japanese people are some of the more interesting to converse with online

Harukawa responds:

I agree, but I am biased hehe.